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Inheriting an IRA, How to create a lifetime of paychecks


Michael J. Jones



"The ultimate value of an inherited IRA often depends on how well informed the beneficiary is. The more they know, the longer the inheritance will last. But the sad truth is that most beneficiaries are ill-prepared to inherit an IRA and are left with a mere fraction of what could have been.

"Anyone who wishes to leave an IRA or Roth IRA to loved ones must have Inheriting an IRA, by IRA maven Mike Jones, an expert among experts. Nothing is left to chance here. The advice, explanations and warnings in this book are worth a fortune to IRA owners, beneficiaries and professional advisors. Every inherited IRA should come with this essential and detailed guide on navigating the complex web of tax rules surrounding inherited IRAs. Don't leave an IRA without it!"
- Ed Slott, CPA


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IRA Quick Reference Guides & Frequently Asked Questions

By Denise Appleby, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA


  • Charts and tables that summarize the IRA rules in an easy to understand and user-friendly manner.
  • Frequently asked questions and clearly written responses
  • Rollover and transfer rules for retirement accounts
  • IRA Beneficiary distribution options



Table of Contents



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Estate Planning Smarts,

3rd edition


Deborah L. Jacobs

Written by a lawyer and award-winning  journalist, Estate Planning Smarts can help educate people before and  after they meet with advisers. This plain-English guide to a stressful topic  includes examples from the estate plans of Paul Newman, Jacqueline Kennedy  Onassis, Michael Jackson and others.

To market your practice, consider using Estate Planning Smarts as a handout at seminars, a way to stay in touch with clients and prospects or a holiday gift. Other practice-building tools include:
Personalized with your logo and with up to additional 16 pages – perhaps a prologue, a description of your services or bios of your team.


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Purchasing single-issue brochures that adapt Estate Planning Smartscontent and can be customized with your contact information for use as takeaways and leave behinds. Currently there are 5 topics:


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Inherited IRAs:
What Every Practitioner Must Know

by Seymour Goldberg, CPA, MBA, JD

The rules and regulations surrounding estate planning and
retirement asset distributions can be very confusing. An oversight could result in a morass of legal issues and penalties. It is your responsibility as a practitioner to be familiar with these retirement distribution rules and know how to implement an estate plan that includes retirement-type assets, such as IRAs.

Inherited IRA’s: What Every Practitioner Must Know is your complete guide to effectively implementing an estate plan that includes retirement-type assets, written especially for practitioners. This important book will alert you, as a practitioner, to many of the retirement distribution rules that you must know in order to effectively safeguard your client and their retirement assets.

Within this concise guide, you'll find more than 100 scenarios, questions, and answers that you will most likely encounter in dealing with often complex retirement asset distributions. In addition, checklists, sample forms, and summaries of court rulings on inherited IRA cases will provide you with additional tools and resources that will help you serve your clients through what is often a very difcult time in their lives.

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