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Inheriting an IRA, How to create a lifetime of paychecks


Michael J. Jones



Inheriting an IRA Professional Edition was created as a companion to Inheriting an IRA - How to Create a Lifetime of Paychecks. This Professional Edition contains cites and additional commentary and is directed to advisors working with IRA inheritors.

Inheriting an IRA - How to Create a Lifetime of Paychecks was inspired by everyday questions that Mike Jones, CPA, addresses about this crucial topic. Those questions come from IRA inheritors as well as from professionals in the fields of accounting, law, investment management, and philanthropy. It is written for IRA inheritors and their advisors to use together, because Mr. Jones has found that an informed IRA inheritor working together with a knowledgeable advisor consistently produces the best results.
You won't have to become an expert in order to handle your Inherited IRA the right way. This book will quickly direct you to the information and tips that you'll need.

Advance praise for Inheriting an IRA - How to Create a Lifetime of Paychecks

"If you have inherited an IRA or expect to, read this book before you touch that account. Mike Jones will save you a lot of money and headaches!"
- Natalie B. Choate, Esq., author of Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

"The ultimate value of an inherited IRA often depends on how well informed the beneficiary is. The more they know, the longer the inheritance will last. But the sad truth is that most beneficiaries are ill-prepared to inherit an IRA and are left with a mere fraction of what could have been.

"Anyone who wishes to leave an IRA or Roth IRA to loved ones must have Inheriting an IRA, by IRA maven Mike Jones, an expert among experts. Nothing is left to chance here. The advice, explanations and warnings in this book are worth a fortune to IRA owners, beneficiaries and professional advisors. Every inherited IRA should come with this essential and detailed guide on navigating the complex web of tax rules surrounding inherited IRAs. Don't leave an IRA without it!"
- Ed Slott, CPA

Professional Edition


Consumer Edition


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IRA Quick Reference Guides & Frequently Asked Questions

By Denise Appleby, CISP, CRC, CRPS, CRSP, APA


  • Charts and tables that summarize the IRA rules in an easy to understand and user-friendly manner.
  • Frequently asked questions and clearly written responses
  • Rollover and transfer rules for retirement accounts
  • IRA Beneficiary distribution options



Table of Contents


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Estate Planning Smarts,

4th edition


Deborah L. Jacobs

Life doesn't stand still, and neither should estate planning. With that in mind, Deborah L. Jacobs has just published the fourth edition of her best-selling book, Estate Planning Smarts.

Since the first edition was published, in 2009, Estate Planning Smarts has been widely praised, including by The Wall Street Journal. On The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel listserv, it is the book lawyers most often recommend as a resource for their clients. Other reviewers have had this to say:

"Simple - but not simplistic - this is a book you can feel comfortable giving as a business-generating, action-oriented gift."

- Steve Leimberg's Estate Planning Email Newsletter

"I was knocked out. . . . This is a book for you to own and read,
and to give to clients as a basis for discussion of a wide range of
planning issues."

- Nick Murray Interactive

Changes in the fourth edition include:
  • New income tax angles on estate planning that affect everyone
  • Updates for the digital age
  • A concise summary of the rules that apply to overseas assets
  • An explanation of how the evolving law on same-sex marriage impacts estate planning
  • A plain-English discussion of strategies for retirement accounts, including the pros and cons of naming trusts as IRA beneficiaries
  • Additional celebrity case studies, with lessons from the estate plans of Lauren Bacall, Nora Ephron, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joan Rivers and John Updike.
  • Estate Planning Smarts can help educate clients before and after they meet with advisers. It also provides an independent perspective about controversial subjects, such as the adviser's value added and the benefits of professional trustees.


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Purchasing single-issue brochures that adapt Estate Planning Smartscontent and can be customized with your contact information for use as takeaways and leave behinds. Currently there are 5 topics:


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Deborah Jacobs is available to speak at continuing education programs and events for consumers and professionals. An experienced lawyer and respected journalist, Jacobs has a special chemistry with audiences. Listeners say they feel like they're sitting at the kitchen table with a knowledgeable, trusted friend.


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